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Mission and aims


The Jewish Cemetery of Kozma Street is one of the top 5 Jewish cemeteries in the world, the final resting place of 400 000 people. This historically outstanding memorial, which is still in operation today, is in terrible condition and needs urgent maintenance before it is too late. The aim of the project in the short run is to save the cemetery for total destruction by trees and shrubs, and in the long run to elevate it to a worthy condition.

The aim of the project is the execution of the following:

1. Make it neat and a true memorial that satisfies European standards, in a condition worthy for the dead, and one that allows for visits by both the elderly and the young.


2. We would like to prevent the destruction of this historically important graveyard, so that it would be available for the future generations as well.


3. Design programs for the cemetery. Organize events for fundraising, tours of the cemetery for for locals and foreigners alike, and provide interesting and active programs for schools and universities.

Budapest Jewish Cemetery
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