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Nov. 20, 2018

On Oct 15th 2018, after 18 months of planning and fund raising, we began the work of saving one of the world’s largest Jewish cemeteries. We engaged 7 workers and had additional help from a few volunteers as well as one day with 5 workers from a nearby prison. In just two weeks, with the help of our Stihl equipment, we managed to clear the entire section of 5576 square meters allowing access to over 1200 graves with approximately 1800 burials. The amount of time it took was significantly below what we thought was necessary, a positive particularly since it was our first section and we have no prior experience. In time, our productivity (measured in hours per square meter) will improve even more. A big thank you goes to our team on the ground led by Marc Pinter (in an entirely voluntary capacity).

Here is Section 26 on the map. Our first section represents just 1.2% of the total area we wish to cover but it is a strong start. Last week, we began work on Section 33B which is of a similar size at 5615 sq. meters and we expect it to be complete by later this week. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Section 28.jpeg
2018-10-15 09.14.45.jpg
2018-10-15 12.42.03.jpg
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