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    With grand memorials for Hungarian Jewish heroes such as Herzl and Hannah Senesh, this treasured cemetery chronicles the glorious stories of the Jewish of Budapest of all times, ages, occupations, and walks of life…

Famous Figures

Literature: Erno Szep (novelist and playwright)
Press: Sándor Bródy (journalist and author)
Arts: Hugo Schreiber (painter)
Chess: László Szabó (grandmaster of chess, representing Hungary at 11 Olympiads)
Economics: Jozsef Lukacs (banker and father of philosopher Gyorgy Lukacs)
Religion: Rabbi Simon Oppenheimer (“miracle” rabbi)
Sports: Alfred Hajos (1st modern Olympic/ Hungarian swimming champion,
Károly Kárpáti (Olympic wrestling champion, Berlin 1936),
László Hartmann (Grand Prix race car driver who died in the 1938 race in Tripoli)

“Unlike many other European communities, there was a very large survivor community in Budapest and a great number of descendants live across the world- I can maintain the bond between my family and its heritage; I can show my kids the graves of their great-great-great grandparents and through it make the history of Hungary a very personal and tangible one…”

“On my mother’s visit to her father’s grave in Budapest she came back home crying and very upset that she couldn’t find (it) because it has turned into a jungle. After my mother passed away I had a vision from my grandfather asking me to come and find him in Budapest… there was no way to see the marker, only a piece of stone that you had to feel for the numbers. I was terrified of the numerous spiders and although try as I might by pulling leaves apart from every which way we could not find the grave, even with the help of the local gardener. I was so heart-broken and asked why the graves were in such terrible condition and was told that since none of the relatives were alive anymore to pay to fix the areas this is what it looks like. If anyone out there is reading this and would like to help the poor souls RIP…”

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